Here’s a thought;is there such a thing as a social media affair? Is it possible to share too much and get too personal with someone whom you’ve only ever communicated with via Facebook or Twitter? I don’t know hey…I mean I literally don’t know.

What’s the real point of social media? Should there be a line that shouldn’t be crossed. I know the obvious answer is : Duh!!!!

I mean you shouldn’t tell a stranger something you can’t tell your significant other and when you find yourself in a situation where that actually happens then you know there’s a problem somewhere.

Or is there?

Maybe it’s okay to have a virtual stranger be your BFF.I mean it’s kinda the same as having a normal bestfriend,you just haven’t seen this person.

Okay,what about having your virtual BFF and letting your significant other know about this person. I think that could be okay.

Anyway,I was just thinking about the connections we make with people we’ve never met. I believe sometimes it could be more than what we think and it can end up meaning more to us than the relationships we have with people we see every other day.

Is this a bad thing?

I don’t know..

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