You’re doing great mama…

It’s not easy being a young mother and trying to be a successful career woman. I imagine a lot of young women and young mothers share this sentiment. It’s a tricky balancing act.

You try and do your best to be there for your kids but in your pursuit to have a good career, you end up sacrificing things; important things. Like the first day of pre-school (something I’ll always feel guilty about missing out on) or doctors appointments. You console yourself by saying that you’re working for the future of your children and even though it might be true, it still doesn’t feel right.

Guilt takes over and it piles up and up until you can no longer see what’s on the other side of that; time.

Time to spend with your children, time to push them on a bicycle, time to read a bedtime story, time to enjoy a simple bath.

Guilt makes you forget that in reality you actually do have time and that’s when you lose out on precious moments.

When you’re a young, career-driven mother, you won’t always be there for everything. You will miss out on certain things and occasions but when you have a solid support structure, you have nothing to worry about.

The days you are there to spend time with your kids and make memories, will be the days that count.

Don’t be so hard on yourself mama, you’re doing great!