Serious Question: Have You Done Everything In Your Power To Prevent This?
Caitlin Johnstone

As the old saying goes, kill one person and it’s a tragedy. Kill a million and it’s a statistic. Most people can’t process a million lives never mind 7.4 billion. They can process “bad meanie words” like ‘McCain is the devil’s rectal polyp.’ However, I am not 100% pessimistic. Consider the tragedy of WWII. I mean the only reason Americans can process the massive tragedy of that and see the Nazis for the evil they are is because of constant narratives in society reminding them. If we’re going down into oblivion, the rest of us who can process the current evil of nuke war have a duty to be as loud and vigorous as we can telling the world about it. Thank you for being a leading voice. Keep shouting them down.

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