Serious Question: Have You Done Everything In Your Power To Prevent This?
Caitlin Johnstone

BTW, this article may also be very relevant to your previous argument that the left need to work with certain people on the right. As Pilger rightfully points out, the current russophobic atmosphere and recent vote to sanction Russia and North Korea were endorsed and passed overwhelmingly by both dems and repubs and could lead to war, even nuke war.

However, many people do not realize this but of the three people who voted against the sanctions in the House and the two who voted against it in the Senate, four were republicans (two from my home state of KY, rep. Massie and Paul). The lone non-repub who voted against it was of course Bernie Sanders who is independent. At least the repubs have a handful of non neocon idiots while the dems have none (even Tulsi Gabbard wants sanctions against Russia and North Korea).

So we have no no choice. Our only sane allies are members of the anti-establishment right. Rep. Massie, Paul and Duncan must be supported for their lone voice in avoiding possible extermination of all life on Earth. Put away your partisan bullshit. This is far more important than just about anything.

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