Peter Liang Was Justly Convicted- He’s Not A Victim, Says This Niece of Vincent Chin
Annie Tan

He does deserve some prison time for negligent homicide. But I also believe the protestors have a point that had he been white he probably might not have even been charged. Take a look at the killing of Timothy Stansbury who was also shot by an NYPD officer. The difference being the officer shot at him directly unlike Liang who shot a wall and Gurley being hit by the ricocheting bullet. Officer Neri wasn’t even charged and continued to work for the NYPD for many years afterwards. Neri, no surprise, is white. That’s just one example of an accidental shooting with the white officer getting lenience over a minority. There’s been many in NY alone of officers killing minorities even on film intentionally such as Eric Garner and not getting charged.

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