Trying Olive Oil For a Clogged Ear

Went better than I thought!

I think we’ve all tried home remedies at one point or another: Duct tape for plantar warts, Duct tape for unibrows (someone might have lost half an eyebrow on this one) coca cola for stains, aloe vera plant for burns, tying a string to that last baby tooth. Some good, some that don’t work, and some bad but at least you got a good story out of it. This is a personal review of olive oil for a Clogged ear.

I had heard of this a while back and not really wanting to go get it flushed out (I’ve seen pictures of what can come out it can’t be unseen) I thought I’d give it a shot. After all using common sense it seems as though it could work. I’ve heard of oils being used to pull germs and bacteria out of your mouth with oil pulling and using it to keep cast iron pans clean by pulling the bad stuff out. That’s what oils do, amazingly so, with that though in mind, I figured the oil would help pull any bacteria that could be lurking around in my ear: I added a small piece of onion for good measure because onions are good at soaking in bacteria too. Plus, oil is slippery so I thought it would help the wax be less sticky. So all in all to me it made sense that this should work.

First mistake: I didn’t read about how others had done it. I got out my hot pink plastic cup that could be squeezed to form a spout, poured in about a tablespoon of olive oil, nuked it for 35 sec and felt it to make sure it was not too hot.

Second mistake: I let my husband do the pouring. I layed on my side and told him to pour it in. He went slow at first and when I told him it was good he thought I said more. Needless to say my ear became an olive oil swimming pool. Apparently, according to what people say, you should only use a couple drops, and it should be medical olive oil (I didn’t even know they had such a thing). I then stuck in my piece of onion and I soaked up the extra with a tissue.

Third mistake: I sat up immediately. Don’t do that. From what I read you are suppose to stay on your side for approximately 5–10 minutes to allow it to go in. I also took my onion out right away.

Given all the mistakes I committed I will say I did have immediate relief in that ear, which after about 5 minutes the fullness feeling came back, but by the morning I had complete relief that has lasted about 24 hours at this point; so maybe the olive oil really does do the trick. Other google searches of mine have yielded that you can continue daily for about two weeks, but if you go beyond, you could potentially increase wax production. I would say it was successful for me. But I will leave this disclaimer:

I diagnosed myself, not always the best idea. I would say physician guidance for ear discomfort or symptoms is important, as hearing is important most of the time. This is just my personal experience.

*Guest post by my lovely wife!*