Chapter 4, Project Integration Management

  1. Financial Analysis

2. Develop an outline (major headings and subheadings only) for a project management plan to create a Web site for your class, and then fill in the details for the introduction or overview section. Assume that this Web site would include a home page with links to a syllabus for the class, lecture notes or other instructional information, links to the Web site for this textbook, links to other Web sites with project management information, and links to personal pages for each member of your class and future classes. Also, include a bulletin board and chat room feature where students and the instructor can exchange information. Assume that your instructor is the project’s sponsor, you are the project manager, your classmates are your project team, and you have three months to complete the project.

1.0 Introduction/Overview

1.1 Introducing the website

1.2 What’s in the website

2.0 Homepage

3.0 Syllabus

3.1 Checking your syllabus

4.0 Lecture notes or Other Instructional Activity

4.1 Links were you can Study

5.0 References

5.1 Books that are using in the class

6.0 Personal pages for each member of your class and future classmates.

6.1 Who are my classmates?

7.0 Bulletin Board

7.1 Announcement

3. Write a short paper based on the chapter’s opening case. Answer the following questions:

A. What do you think the real problem was in this case?

answer: The Problem is that Nick Carson doesn’t focus only on his assigned task, he overdo his skills/talents and does the work he must not supposed to do.

B. Does the case present a realistic scenario? Why or why not?

answer: Yes, this could happen in a real scenario because it is sometimes due to misunderstanding and lack of experience on the task that was given to you.

C. Was Nick Carson a good project manager? Why or why not?

answer: No, although they finish their project, still he is not a good project manager since he didn’t do his part as a project manager and maybe because Nick Carson don’t know much about being a project manager.

D. What should top management have done to help Nick?

answer: The top management must conduct a proper training not just for Nick but also for the other team members too, and tell them what would be the expected output for each of them.

E. What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

answer: He must focus only on his assigned task, since almost all the project team has a task to do.