All These Black Characters and 0 Done Right — How Steven Universe Fails Its Black Fanbase, Part I.
Riley H

First off, you’re article starts off saying that whites will be ignored. Then you go off on a rant on how you’re black and complain about human racism when talking about gemstones. Then you state your a Black-Asian mix. Well guess what I’m WHITE! And despite this I read your article with a clear mind just wanting to learn about problems with one of my favorite shows. I kept reminding myself that you were black oh wait, no I wasn’t you were reminding me. So, you believe that Sugilite, a dangerous Fusion who could injure innocent people was fine. And, yes Pearl forcing Garnet to form Sardonyx was wrong Sapphire and Ruby realize that they need to forgive Pearl in the episode Keystone Motel. Maybe you left the show before then or maybe you didn’t want to except it. I doubt you’ll reply to this due to you not wanting to listen to us whites, but if you do I’m sure if you do I we can keep the conversation civil.