Hacking is easy. Building defence.. not so easy.

Why Cybersecurity Should Be Your No 1 Priority #tech2016

“In 2016 we’ll see a headline compromise of a business, whether at the enterprise or consumer level, through low standards of security for mobile apps. It’s a ticking time bomb…” — Marcus de Wilde, Codified Security
“More SCADA system exploits are likely to be reported. DDoS attacks and ransomware will continue to trouble organisations. Privacy issues will gain prominence, nationally and internationally, keeping policy makers busy.” — Nandkumar Saravade, Data Security Council of India

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Since the early part of twentieth century Market Research (MR) has been a handy tool for brand and product managers to understand market trends, need gaps, consumer psychology, etc. In today’s scenario, it has become vitally important to conduct MR not only during the product usage life cycle, but even at product development stage.

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