Call for Events 2017 🗯

It’s not uncommon that conferences do a ‘call for speakers’ to submit ideas for talks. Well… you can think of this as the reverse of that. I have talks, and in 2017 I’m looking to continue my previous years of fantastic experiences, giving them at events around the world.

In a nutshell, I’m looking for events that think my current talks fit into their program and vision. This year, refined from last years best feedback, I’m focusing on two talks. Here’s two things I’d love to give at your future event.

How I Became A Maker (and Learned the Secrets of the Universe)


Join designer Michael Flarup, for a journey through his career. An entertaining personal story, sharing everything from old work, odd jobs, great failures and the many lessons learned along the way. Learn how to make shit up, make a lot and even make better things. But above all, learn why you need to do what you think is fun and how to, despite all odds, find your way.

My Notes

This 200+ slide visual party can be enjoyed in 40–60 minutes. It’s a very upbeat and honest look at my own career. It’s a personal story, but it touches on some very universal things that can be applied to most careers (but specifically good for designers and developers). It’s supposed to be both practical and inspirational, but above all fun. Works great as a motivational opener or closer in a lineup. Can be given at both casual meetups or on a big stage. Response to this talk so far has been overwhelmingly positive and I’d love to give it some more. I have found that it works as a great key to conversations around career paths, life goals and happiness. (I know, big stuff).

Length: 40–60 minutes / 200+ Slides
Target Group: Everyone interested in making things but particularly good for students, designers and developers
Example: 🎥 Talk given at Pragma 2016

Designing Better App Icons


Join designer Michael Flarup as he takes you on a quest for the long lost art of Icon Design. This session is packed full of stories, advice and pixels as he’ll blow your mind with a neon-infused journey that teaches you how to create the single most important visual aspect of your product; the App Icon. Learn why Icons are the most important visual aspect of your product and get to know the five core aspects of succesful Icon Design. There’ll be something in it for everybody — whether you’re just about to make your first app icon or a seasoned veteran.

My Notes

A really upbeat exploration of app icon design ranging from 30–60 minutes in length (or up to a full day if made as a workshop). It gives people both some practical advice specific to making icons, but at the same time uses this specific craft as a key to uncovering universal qualities in design. Can be given as a standalone inspirational talk or as part of a hands-on workshop where I provide the tools and guide participants in making icons. I have been giving variations of this talk / workshop for 3 years now, and it is always a great and fun experience where I get to share one of my big passions with the audience and teach people some universal qualities that can be used- not only in icon design but in making things in general.

Length: 30–60 minutes / or half or full day Workshop
Target Group: Designers and Developers
Example: 🎥 Talk given at Adobe MAX 2015


  • I’ll consider just about any invitation I get from both big conferences and small meetups. If you have an idea, hit me up. I love to travel and meet new people. 🙌
  • I’m not doing this for the money, but if you charge an entry to your event I will expect a speakers fee. If you’re a small nonprofit event or meetup, I’ll cost you a dinner and/or a beer in good company 😉
  • I’m willing to travel almost everywhere in the world (I’m in Copenhagen) but I require my travel and accommodation be covered. But don’t worry, I fly coach 😂

If you’re an event organizer and any of the above sounds interesting, shoot me an email! If you’d like to see me at a local event, shoot them an email with a link to this blog post.

📩 Send me an email

I hope to see more of you out there this year ❤️


Michael is a Danish designer, entrepreneur & keynote speaker. He runs entertainment development studio Northplay, Pixelresort and design resource platform Apply Pixels.