My journey to becoming a web developer from scratch without a CS degree (and what I learned from…
Sergei Garcia

Nice post! You’ve completed the basics for a modern front-end developer! :) You didn’t mention any html preprocessors like Jade, which is what a lot of the cool “hardcore” front-end devs like to use. I love how you mention that, “feel of failure” as a programmer. As you get better and better at what you do, you’ll have less of it, but it never completely goes away. It’s not a fear of “complete and utter fall-flat-on-your-face failure”, but it’s just the fear of pushing a small bug, making a change that throws off something else, anything that will make the user wince. As a “laid back perfectionist” I’ve been struggling with this low-level worried-ness myself, and I’ve found a combination of automated acceptance, unit, and UI testing to really alleviate a lot of this fear since you can just execute checks against “all the things”on the spot, and immediately get feedback on whether your software is broken or not. It is by no means “easy” to create tests that indeed check all the things for any nontrivial application, but it’s well worth it to spend the time learning it and using it. I would definitely recommend you check out karma, protractor, and cucumberjs for you angular projects. Good luck! :)

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