Holly, I truly like and respect your writing, but here’s my problem with this article.
Robert Cormack

Excellent, I’m glad you have some women in such high roles in advertising. Seeing as only about 4% of Fortune 500 companies have women as CEOs, and those leading non Fortune 500 companies isn’t that much higher either, it’s good to hear that women have been taking a more predominant role in some industries.


Additionally, take a look at other industries. Advertising may have a larger portion of women, but my own industry? Tech? It’s gone DOWN over the past 30 years and now is at about 25% overall with tiny statistics for women of color.


Take a look at politics. Women account for roughly 20% of Congress, predominantly being Democrats by a wide margin. This extends to other roles in State government and City governments as well with between 18.8% to 25.3%. The US population is pretty close to 50/50 men and women, so yes, we live in a world still dominated by men.


Side note, I don’t see the President as a father or mother figure. They are there to do a job — serve the country. Clinton doesn’t need to mother us, and I sure as hell don’t want Trump within a five mile radius of me, let alone be a father to the U.S. They need to have the background and experience to make the right decisions for this country. Clinton has that. Trump doesn’t.

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