I’m 100% on board with the idea that no one has any form of obligation to talk or otherwise…
Richard Starr

Here is the one amazing, incredible, life changing trick for how to talk to women appropriately!

Talk to them like a real person.

What you’re describing is treating a woman like an object. You want that object for one specific purpose. You are only talking to that object for a very narrow reason. You want to date *cough* have sex with *cough* that object. It’s like window shopping: oooh, what a pretty one! I want it! All people, not just women, hate being reduced down to just being an object.

Want to know great times to talk to people? When you are doing activities with people of similar interests and actually engaging them in something they care about. When you are introduced to new amazing people through current amazing people. When at social gatherings where people are expecting to socialize and you actually show an interest in getting to know them not as future objects you want to have, but as unique people who are vibrant and full of life.

Its not magic. Its not science. Just basic social awareness.

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