I daresay women comment on womens appearances far more than men do and far more often in a…

*slowly raises right eyebrow*

Such empathy and compassion I see here. How tolerant of you to deign to comment on an article that you had no requirement to read, but so justly read anyway to decide it fit in the category of “women-victim-life-is-hard-mini-article”. You even provide such an easy means of escape; just choose to not live in a man’s world. Oh how simple! How short sighted I have been to not consider that women should embrace rejecting society as a whole and go off gallivanting into our own world.

I’d love to suggest that since you seem terribly distressed by this article and to prevent you from suffering so unduly the heavy burden you must be carrying as a white man in a suit named Michael, that perhaps you might wish to avoid articles that seem to explicitly mention women in any way unless its to perhaps figure out how to talk to them while they are wearing headphones or why women are just like so fucking crazy and like totally whiny bitches. From your well thought out response it is plain to my simple mind that articles like the one you responded to are a waste of your time and something such as what I just suggested would provide a better reading experience that doesn’t challenge your current position as a white man in a suit named Michael.