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10804 Bitcoin reaches key mark, Cardano record high after Testnet success

The Cardano course breaks a new record … https://flashgordan.com/bitcoin-reaches-key-mark-cardano-record-high-after-testnet-success/?feed_id=10525&_unique_id=6130bef3c99c2

10801 Bitcoin soon on Twitter? Tip function before BTC integration

According to leaked information, the mi… https://flashgordan.com/bitcoin-soon-on-twitter-tip-function-before-btc-integration/?feed_id=10517&_unique_id=6130bbfd89b3b

10798 The German BaFin investigates against “Bitcoin Deutschland”

As can be seen from a message, the BaFi… https://flashgordan.com/the-german-bafin-investigates-against-bitcoin-deutschland/?feed_id=10509&_unique_id=6130b92109bad

10795 Coming now Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum what’s behind it?

Arbitrum Mainnet goes live and at the s… https://flashgordan.com/coming-now-ethereum-scaling-solution-arbitrum-whats-behind-it/?feed_id=10494&_unique_id=6130b5cd4a671

10791 The Blockchain Service Network (BSN) is now also represented in South Korea

The China-backed Blockchain Service Net… https://flashgordan.com/the-blockchain-service-network-bsn-is-now-also-represented-in-south-korea/?feed_id=10486&_unique_id=6130b33fc975f

Binance Coin and Stellar march on The Altcoins analysis:

IBM Launches Blockchain Network World Wire in 72 Countries

About Ethereum

Bitcoin mining in China and rising hash rate despite sideways trend

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