Judicial Watch Needs Your Help To Expose The Deep State

WASHINGTON, DC — Judicial Watch has created a petition asking for support in its lawsuit to expose the CIA and the DOJ’s illegal intelligence leaks.

Judicial Watch explains: Washington doesn’t want what the American people want. There is a deep state, shadow government, in place, a government staffed by recent appointees or hires of Obama. There are lots of Democrats in the bureaucracy, and lots of Republicans, who think they know better than President Trump and are willing to thwart the rule of law.

Judicial Watch said members of the Deep State will go to virtually any lengths to maintain the status quo and the public corruption that erodes our Constitution. We’ve seen this with the reckless disclosure of communications intelligence information aimed at destroying President Trump’s national security advisor, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.

According to Judicial Watch, this is all part of a political smear job by the Washington establishment who are rightly terrified of President Trump and the “swamp draining” that he has promised. They are actively organizing against him and subverting the rule of law!

Judicial Watch said it is working to get to the truth behind these crimes, having filed a lawsuit against the CIA, the Department of Justice, and the Treasury Department for records on these illegal leaks!

To sign the petition to support its lawsuit against members of the shadow government actively subverting the will of the people, go to http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/poll/lawsuit-deep-state/