Is React library or a framework?

Hi Develoger,

Great article :)

When I said “Template Design Pattern” I meant this, and not the “Templates” as we know them from Mustache and the likes. 
The “Template Design Pattern” is what you call the “life-cycle” but it actually React’s way of defining how one needs to implement his code in order for it to run under the rules of react.

For me that’s enough to claim that React is a framework.

If I’m not mistaken, jQuery has nothing which resembles that, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
As for marketing, well, the React team can say whatever they feel will “sell” their product better. It is a known fact that Libraries are perceived better than frameworks by the developers community these days, so I wouldn’t count on how the marketing brands it. I believe you’ve been in the business long enough to understand that marketing the product sometimes has little to do with what the product actually does ;)


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