Flashpoint Venture Capital — Data Engineer / Developer Vacancy

Jul 31 · 2 min read

About Flashpoint Capital:

Flashpoint is an international group managing equity and debt funds with AuM of $100m, investing in software companies that do business internationally. Our ideal investments are founded by entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, Finland, Baltics, Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. FP invests $500k — $5m in exchange for a minority position and provides Venture Debt in the range of $1–2m.

About the Data engineer / Developer position:

  • The Data engineer / Developer will become a vital support element of the investment procedure, helping the Investment team to help uncover new investment opportunities and maintain data quality.
  • The Data engineer / Developer will use the latest programming languages to help FP unleash the full potential of its CRM system, as well as develop new tools that are one-of-a-kind in the industry

Key activities of the job:

  • Build integrations on top of our existing CRM
  • Create methods that will help automatically maintain our CRM database
  • Create methods that will help FP to re-engage older contacts and understand takeaways from our historical data
  • Select and engage external developer teams on a project basis
  • General maintenance of data and usage of data to find potential new investments and work better with portfolio companies

Candidate requirements:

  • 1–2 year of relevant experience, especially working with relational databases (MySQL or the like)
  • Experience with RESTful APIs
  • Good command of Javascript and Google Apps Script
  • Python, Node.js or any other server-side language experience is a plus
  • Excellent English language skills
  • Excellent analytical skills



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Flashpoint is managing equity and debt funds, investing in startups in Central & Eastern Europe, Israel, Finland, Baltics, Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine

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