Who are you?

Hi I am Lukas but most people from our Social channels know me as Noreithe.

What is your role on Stellite?

Community Manager is the closest name to a role I could choose for what I do to support Stellite.
I started like many of the Stellite team members with voluntarily helping people on the Stellite Discord with their mining problems.
I was asked to join team for internal testing and rooted to Stellite core team by members since then. 
I am currently also working on new Exchange listings and doing support whole Stellite portfolio.


What are Stellite’s key features?

Its a couple of things at once. We like to think about the whole Stellite package as a solution and not just cryptocurrency.

Our original vision is and will always be visible through the whole project, to let people with not much wealth earn something with value by mobile mining.

In general, there are a lot of people around the world who are poor (its relative, right) but there is a chance that they do have a decent device with a internet connection. Also a lot of those people don’t even have access to a bank account or payment card.

One of the possible versions of the new UI look

Basic idea is to let those people earn something that would matter (as even 1$ could matter as it have different value for a lot of people around world who are poor) and let them use the earned Stellite coins via StellitePay and related products like payment terminals etc.

As a whole, the Stellite project is designed for everyone of course. Either its the mining part of the project (we created a GUI miner for mining beginners) or StellitePay and the related products like payment cards and terminals.

Why does the world need Stellite?

Why the world needs cryptocurrency at all you could ask. 
I guess people in crypto see it already as the next best thing for progress same as the Internet in de 90’s or mobile phones. Some see it as anarchy against traditional world system of banks, some as fastest payment solution available without need to carry much in your pocket. That is why fast transactions are mandatory and Stellite will be there ready set an go when the big demand starts.


What is Stellite’s role in the cryptoverse?

For now we are definitely small fish in the sea but with great developers backing up our technical aspects and a great community backing us mentally we can easily became a big one.

Only that way it can work out well because we have practically no pre-mine (0.6%) and no developer fees so far, every one of the Stellite team works on their part of work for free.

Which is not usual with tons of ICOs still out there in the cryptoverse. People can see it can be done differently.

Who are Stellite’s competitors?

Everyone would probably say its ETN. There are other mobile mining platforms appearing around us, also with ICOs to back them up.

Why is Stellite superior/different?

Eventho a lot of people compare us to ETN, we would like to be separated from that as they are not using a true mobile mining experience as we want to.

We are also separate in a different working approach about everything project related.

It will be hard to overcome certain issues for us when you compare to the ICO money competition has, but with our solid team of developers it will just take a bit more time and effort to get on the same level of playing field.

Everything we do is open source and to be fully open source is in our opinion a big strenght versus other ICO projects for many reason. 
For example if the market goes down the project will not die as the main objective for the team is not to make money but bring new solutions to the market. 
Also an open project means of course open source and a open community. You can see Stellite team growing over time and we can easily guess it’s not finished.


Why are there no explanation of the team’s backgrounds or links to LinkedIn on the homepage?

There is still an ongoing discussion if private coins should have their team members fully exposed to the world, all that matters in the end is a working delivered product.
But to be honest there is quite alot of information about our developers on our Linkedin:

On the other hand the website (even though we did updated a little bit) is still there from the start of Stellite project and will get a proper update soon. There is also progress in how we want to present ourselves to the public.

We are also in the progress of getting a legal status, we will have our first office possibly in Amsterdam, and information about the team will most likely grow in near future.

Is Stellite hiring and what are the future plans for team development?

No, Stellite is not hiring as we are unable to pay for any salary. We work fully with volunteers who want to see Stellite achieve and excel. If anyone is able to offer anything to the project, we do accept new team members. 
If you want to help Stellite grow, you can. Either by spreading word about Stellite or by becoming a team member.

What are Stellite’s plans for sales/marketing?

I know a lot of people would prefer fancy marketing now, but we would like to finish at least parts of the product portfolio first, and then move to the full marketing side of the project.

There are pros and cons about this approach but we strongly believe that we need a finished product to get a strong marketing.

Things are now getting in a slipstream because new team members are opening a lot of options for us to work with, the rebranding for example or marked possibilities.

What are Stellite’s plans for exchange listings?

We are negotiating with a few exchanges at the moment (We can’t discuss this in depth because of signed NDA’s.). There were some things we did not expect from some exchanges (fair play wise) which postponed new exchange listing.

For now we are tradable on, and

As Stellite is still a very young project, and we see so many crashed crypto projects, what is the argument that Stellite will survive and thrive?

We are together for 6 months now and the number of team members is still growing.

Our developers are working very hard behind the scenes on the project to add the features needed (actually more features than was planned at the start of this project) and everyone (tech wise) can check our progress at our GitHub page (
Stellite has one of the best CN difficulty Algo (source: zavy/

Because most people are not that tech savvy I plan to do a new Monthly update format to keep people up to date.


How will the man on the street experience/use Stellite?

The man on the street should be first corner stone of Stellite by our vision and we are going to deliver this. 
We are aiming for that “The man on the street” is able to pay for a coffee with Stellite.

With StellitePay this will be very easy either for a user or a business owner.

StellitePay UI

How will ordinary shop owners & small businesses?

Fast and cheap fiat-less transactions for business is something many shops are looking for. We would like to offer them that. We can do this with StellitePay in combination with smartcards for payment.

How will government bodies and large corporations?

Wish we could tell you how government will act in the future regarding crypto. 
Let’s asume if we will get to point where crypto will be accepted without often change of attitude by governments. 
Same with big corporations, especially banks even though they are now allowing trading in bitcoin so you can see there is progress going on with financial institutions and crypto currency.

How will the crypto investor?

Many crypto investors are there for money, nothing wrong with that. 
Nevertheless, there are also a lot who believe in the technology and what advantages it will bring in the near future.
We can be an interesting option for both of these.

Stellite can be traded on TradeOgre, Altex.exchangeCrex24


What is the next big thing for Stellite?

Definitely StellitePay and Mobile mining — we are working very hard on every aspect of this.
Both the user experience and the technology experience are a key focus point as we want an easy to use product.
Note from the Stellite team: “As we are aware “Future” is not best thing to see in road-map in general, we are also aware we don’t want to release unfinished products. Future in our case if presentation of things we are working on and want to release as soon as possible without jeopardizing safety of your Stellite coins.”

Where do you see Stellite in 1 year?

We would like to see Stellite still growing in 1 year user base and developers wise.

Bigger exchanges will help that to happen and with proper marketing based on finished products we will attract investors to make everything possible.

So even you could start to see StellitePay as payment options anywhere possible.

Where do you see Stellite in 10 years?

One would like to say being able to buy your groceries or pay for dinner in restaurant with Stellite, time will tell, but we are motivated to get there and working hard to realize this with our StellitePay and smartcards.