Who are you?

My name is Christian Kassler and I am from Germany. If you want to find out more about me, please have a read of this Medium Post.

What is your role on BitCash?

I am the core developer at BitCash.
My day to day role with BitCash involves coding, coding and some more coding.


What are BitCash’s key features?

BitCash has a number of key features, this is what makes BitCash so special. Some of these features include:

  • BitCash Stable
  • Accounts with nicknames
  • Encrypted description lines
  • Send Via Twitter, Instagram and Twitch
  • Send to Anyone
  • Safe Privacy
  • Recurring Payments
  • Built in miner
  • Creating multiple accounts within the wallet
  • Verify before sending
Bitcash Stable
Accounts with nicknames
Send via Twitter, Instagram and Twitch
Recurring payments
Multiple accounts within the wallet

There are a few other features that we are working on.
We plan to continuously work on and roll out new features.

Why does the world need BitCash?

The blockchain has spawned a great way of exchanging digital value — speed, efficiency, and security in one package: cryptocurrency. However, the reason why cryptocurrencies have failed to reach mass adoption is because of:

1. usability; and

2. price volatility.

Spending, managing, and accepting cryptocurrency is still very difficult for most consumers and businesses. Cryptocurrencies are too volatile and too complex.

At the same time, criminal misuse has led many countries to restrict or ban cryptocurrencies altogether.

To reach mass adoption, we need to create the world’s most usable cryptocurrency. One that combines the convenience and stability of fiat banking with blockchain benefits, while also deterring bad actors.

This is why the world needs BitCash.


Who are BitCash’s competitors?

BitCash is not a corporation or business that is in competition with other businesses trying to gain any “profits” or “beat” its competitors.

In fact, BitCash is a new and experimental protocol and there is no expectation of “profits” as this project is a protocol.

As such, I do not consider BitCash to have any competitors.

Some crypto enthusiasts like to label BitCash as a competitor to other cryptocurrencies, however we do not see ourselves in competition with any other cryptocurrency.

We believe that the success of a particular cryptocurrency is a success for crypto in general. This is one of the reasons why our code is open source. We encourage other cryptocurrencies to learn from us and other crypto projects so that the entire crypto ecosystem improves as a whole.

A bit of competition never hurt anyone, eh?! Pic from website


You say BitCash is accepted across 1000’s of online stores — can you give some examples of which merchants are involved with BitCash?

The roadmap of BitCash is still in somewhat of a draft format.
BitCash is not yet accepted across 1000’s of online stores, however we are continuously working towards this goal.

Ur launch and roadmap are both impressive and ambitious — where do you get ur funding for development from?

No money was ever raised for the development of BitCash.
All work conducted on BitCash is done so by volunteers around the world.

The BitCash project has no physical offices or any employees. The network is coded, designed, and run by volunteers from all around the globe, and anyone is welcome to contribute.

Furthermore, no ICO or fundraiser of any kind ever took place.

The BitCash project has never asked for and will never ask anyone for funds. All code is given away and published as open source.

Can you elaborate on what the ‘sophisticated algorithm’ used to keep transactions private is?

In BitCash we use the concept of Stealth addresses known from Monero.

Basically what BitCash does is to create a new random receiver address every time somebody sends coins.
The BitCash blockchain stores all the information needed so that the receiver of the coins can calculate the private key needed to spend the coins. He can do this calculation with the help of his regular, non stealth private key. Since nobody else has this private key, nobody else can calculate the real receiver address.

Additionally we added a Master private key. With the help of the Master private key we can also calculate the real address of the receiver of a transaction.

How would you choose which entities from Governments, Law Enforcement Agencies and Exchanges would get access to view the transactions on your network?

We are currently working on a method to make the safe privacy feature completely decentralized by implementing a voting mechanism.

This way, the community as a whole will decide and not one person or entity will choose to allow a government or law enforcement agency access to view the transactions.

Keep in mind, this Safe Privacy feature, if called upon by a Government or Law Enforcement Agency, will only show transaction details of an account that is currently shown in the BitCoin explorer, nothing more.

The Government or Law Enforcement Agency will not be privy to any additional powers. Ultimately, this feature is only present to deter bad actors from choosing to use BitCash and to help BitCash be adopted throughout the world.


How does the BitCash core team look right now?

The team is looking great.

Right now, there are 3 official team members and a bunch of other volunteers.

Each member has their specific speciality, niche skill, responsibility and role. The Bitcash team work flawlessly together.

Official Contributors to BitCash

Are there plans of team expansion & in which part(s) of the team?

As of today, there have not been any specific plans for a team expansion as the team is made up of volunteers with a broad range of expertise and experience which is great.
However, we are always open to, and in fact encourage, more volunteers to join the team!


How will the man-on-the-street, merchants & the crypto investor experience BitCash?

BitCash is designed from the ground up with usability and simplicity in mind. From the wallet to website, BitCash is all about an easy user experience.

BitCash’s unique features that mirror the the features of traditional banking makes the entire experience familiar for all users.

As a result, the average man on the street, an online merchant or a crypto investor, will all be able to use BitCash seamlessly and without complication.


What is the next big thing for BitCash?

There are so many things I do not know where to start. Let’s say for now the next few things coming up is the launch of the BitCash Stable feature, which should be a game changer.

BitCash roadmap

Where do you see BitCash in 5 years?

I see it being used as the main currency for most, if not all, online monetary transactions.






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