Things to Consider Before Buying An Apartment in Kerala

Apartment projects in residential areas are emerging in all parts of Kerala as now people prefer to buy apartments because of several reasons such as, amenities, increased security, and limited responsibility of maintenance.

It might be a convenient decision to buy apartments in Kerala especially in Thrissur, but there are a few important considerations that any buyer must think about before making an investment;

1. The Reputation of the Builder

This is an important consideration that one needs to examine carefully before making any purchase. You can check out the builder’s reputation by making a detailed study of history, past records, feedbacks from previous clients, checking out the features and quality of the building. This will ensure you that the builder is reliable and well-established.

2. Title deeds

Make sure, you do check the ownership of the land, right to sell, encumbrance if any.

3. Check the Property Title

Make sure you do check that the right to sell that particular apartment belongs to the builder. If the apartment is owned by someone else, and the right to sell is in the hands of the builder then ensure that the agreement between the builder and apartment owner is absolutely valid. You can verify this by checking if the banks had cleared the apartment.

4. Official Status

One must check the official status of the property to examine all the Permissions received, such as a commencement certificate from local authorities, completion certificate from concerned official authorities. Certificates can help in ensuring the apartment construction is approved by the Government and amenities like electricity and water are available.

5. Price

Price of an apartment depends on the location, cost of land, amenities provided, materials used and nature of the project. Negotiating doesn’t mean settling at a lower rate, it is all about getting all the significant information related to the deal on the table. You must also be aware of the price of projects in that area.

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6. Location

Always confirm the facilities in and around the location of the project, like educational institutions, market,health services, places of worship, etc.

7. Floor Plan

Before buying any apartment, the floor plan must be studied properly. The saleable area of an apartment includes the common area, wall thickness and the inside area namely Carpet area. So the dimensions mentioned in the brochure against each room area is the actual dimensions of a room.

These are some of the most important considerations that one must think about before they invest their hard earned money in any of the properties anywhere!

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