Tips to increase the Market value of your home

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What about increasing the resale value of your house?

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Buying and selling a house is always a stressful task.You have to compromise with a lot of things before getting into the deal.Getting a fair market price for your property is always a challenging task in today’s competitive environment.But you can increase the market value of your house by simply following the tips below. You can check out Things that Buyers and Sellers Need to Know (your realtor will never tell you these but want you to know)

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Make first impression at its best

If your house has to be attracted by the buyer, You should make it in a presentable condition.Buyer is going to see the exteriors of the house at the time of showing.So you can repaint exterior walls and make it attractive.Also, repaint the worn out paints on doors and windows.If a buyer is not satisfied in the first impression of your house, then he/she will drop the deal with you.So make sure that your house is in a condition to attract the buyer.

Proper lighting

This is another way to impress the buyer.Lighting is an important factor in selling your house.Light up the dark corners in the house.Noone likes to live in the dark.Also, if you have old-fashioned lights in the living rooms and kitchens,upgrade them with brand new ones.You can use floor-lighting to add modern lighting effect. Here are some Eight Plus Ways To Brighten Your Home

Don’t make your house Personalised

Your house is your own private space!

Yes,It’s a fact.But once you puts your home to market, you have to de-personalise the house.Remove all personal photos from walls and tables.It may be your cute kid’s photo or images related to political and religious beliefs.Whatever it is, you have to remove it.Because, at the time of showing, buyer may feel uneasy to see such things.So de-personalise your home once you are going to sell it.

Proper Maintenance

If your house is not properly maintained, you will not get the expected market price for your house.If there are any broken walls or floors you should immediately repair it.

Have you checked for leakages in pipes?

If not, it should also be checked.Also, broken parts on kitchen and bathrooms should be repaired and replaced with brand new ones.Because once buyer visits your house, he/she will not feel good when they see such broken areas inside the house.

Pets and bad smells

Pets always give joy to our life.However, they are people who don’t like pets.Such people can’t visualise living in a house once occupied by birds and animals.So It’s better to keep away pets and clean their wastes.Then try to avoid the bad smell inside your house.There will be garbages inside the kitchen which will cause foul smell.Avoid all such foul smells and keep your home clean.Your house can get reasonable fair price once you keep it clean and odour-free.

Don’t set high expected prices

There is a usual practice among the sellers.They will set a high price initially for their property and think that more profit can be achieved.But buyers are wiser.They will go for another property which is of less price and your home will stay unsold in the market. Click on property document checklist to get more details on property management.

Is this fair?

Not, right?

A reasonable price has to be set for your house which can be negotiated.If you are looking for an urgent sale of your property,then setting lower price will be beneficial.

Every house has its own market value.Sellers always need to get the best price for their property.By following simple tips,you also can increase the resale value of the property. Get more details on Flats, apartments and villa projects in Cochin (Kochi).

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