Flatstack hackathon!

Flatstack recently invited a number of students from the local University to collaborate with our Developers, Designers, and Engineers to think of interesting projects they could ‘hack’ together in a one day Flatstack Hackathon challenge.

Each project was outlined and discussed with a number of helpful Flatstack staff being directly involved or providing guidance and advice. Teams then spent the day developing their projects ‘in secret’, driven by pride, dedication, knowledge, coffee, and a mountain of the finest pizza. The final results were presented to the company at the end of a very long day.

During this period we had some incredibly interesting projects, including a lovers ‘touch me’ button, the age old game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, a plugin for Sketch, and a helpful Dashboard for Project Managers to use.

There are quite a few more projects we would like to share with you but we’ll keep those for another post. For now, we have included a few teaser videos so you can get a good idea of our ideas!