How Fox News Stole My Father
David McRaney

A fish in water doesn’t know it’s wet. Most do not realize that their entire lives through the educational system and most of the news media they see/hear/read has reinforced a view that is skewed pretty significantly toward the left.

Your father was watching one of the few news agencies that reported things from a right wing point of view (that seems to be changing, so it will be interesting to see who picks up the mantle of right wing news from Fox). They have enjoyed an extraordinary viewership because there so few other news agencies who report from a right wing point of view.

Your father is not wrong. The reason you can’t have a conversation with him about politics is because he isn’t following fundamental assumptions that you have learned from a very young age without even realizing that you follow them.

You might take a step back and ask where your assumptions come from. You may decide to stay with those assumptions, and that’s okay. A left winger trusts government more than the individual. A right winger trusts the individual more than government. Recognize that you are a left winger and that your father is not.

Neither is an absolute, but both are starting points for considering how legislation and social policy should work. Look for common ground and realize that you won’t agree with your father on much, but that you should both celebrate what you have in common.

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