There Is Life After Civilization Collapse
Joe Brewer

All civilizations are doomed. They die from complexity that inhibits visibility and honesty. Mayan civilization lost entire cities due to misallocation of dwindling water resources around 800 to 900 CE (long before many Europeans explored the continent).

We’re suffering from terrifying bureaucratic ossification that has limited visibility. The Europeans have it almost as bad, if not worse. Even our computing resources are no longer models of comprehensible simplicity.

The founders of the United States Constitution saw this coming. How did they know? Because the bureaucracy of dealing with the British East India company was staggering. They knew where their tea came from and what it took to get it to the shores of the US. They knew where their tobacco markets were sold and how those got where they were.

The organization was corrupt and difficult to deal with even in the 1770s.

What happened to it? It collapsed under its own weight. Other markets under-cut them.

This will happen to many markets here in the US. Emerging markets are eating away at our finances. It may well lead to a world-wide financial collapse. Our grandparents and great grandparents lived through this.

We will too.

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