Put Yourself in Your Customers Shoes
Gary Vaynerchuk

Allow me to describe a scene where the sales people made a great sale.

We were running telemetry equipment in the field. It had to have a battery backup of some kind so that we could know when the power to the facility had failed. The problem is that we were floating batteries on charge for year after year. The batteries would eventually fail. Sometimes they’d get a scheduled replacement before that failure happened. And sometimes they’d quietly fail earlier and we wouldn’t discover what had happened until one day when the lights would go out and we’d lose the telemetry along with it.

Not cool.

So there I was, more than 15 years ago, when our local sales staff brought an engineer from a very large electrical firm with a new DC power supply that included the ability to float the battery independently, adjust the charge voltage according to ambient temperature, load test the battery every few hours, and give us an alarm if the battery charge profile was no longer to specification. we jumped up and said “That’s great! We’ll take several hundred of them.”

Not only were the salespeople very attuned to our problems, they also conveyed that back to the engineering department and they developed a new product that paid for itself in just a few months. I’m sure they made a handsome profit, but we saved even more.

It was a win-win-win all around. This is what good salesmanship can do.

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