Did steam eat the world?
Michael Cata

Another great technology that “ate” the world was radio. From its earliest days around 100 years ago, it was recognized as a technology that would change everything. And it did.

There were also early intellectual property wars that should sound eerily familiar to anyone who knows of the insanity brought upon us by legislature and the courts. For an example of this, look at the early history of the Collins Radio Company. Specifically you should watch starting at 14:05 in this video of early Collins Radio Transmitter history.

Yes, there were some awful battles in the early days of radio, including some amazing court testimony from a patent dispute between Edwin Armstrong and Lee DeForest. DeForest invented the Triode vacuum tube, but Armstrong was the one who really understood it and designed some very innovative circuits, including the regenerative radio concept.

One truth rings true across the ages: Our government will only consider the reasonable options after having exhausted all the other unreasonable ones. And if you look at how ISP regulation is going today with the Federal Communications Commission, you’ll see that there is more truth to that statement than any of us would like to admit.

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