So — serious question- how do you propose holding people accountable for their words?
Kristin Priyasatya

As a right wing conservative I could say the same about CNN.

But I do not.

Free Speech means that they have a right to broadcast any opinion they want based upon any facts they decide are relevant.

It is opinions exactly like yours that continue this discussion on free speech. The notion that media should be subject to some cabal of literati on what is factual is toxic. It is exactly why we have a right to freedom of speech enshrined as the very First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. This is exactly why it is so difficult to prove libel or slander. Your notion of accountability isn’t just a bad idea. It is an AWFUL idea. This is how tyrants get their foothold: by squelching speech because “it isn’t factual.”

As frustrating as our Democratic Republic can be, I still don’t think it is worth throwing it all away just so that I can have “factual” news.

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