When Childbirth Feels like Assault
Family Resemblance

Basically, this is no different than any other procedure in a hospital. You need someone to be your advocate.

As an excited husband, I attended meetings with my wife and the OBGYN doctor to discuss what we were going to do and what my wife wanted before we ever got to the delivery room. I went in to the delivery room with her and ensured that all information was properly conveyed among staff, especially when nursing shifts began and ended.

There were surprises in the delivery room. If my newborn child was to need additional care, I was there to follow the child and direct what care she or he was to receive.

Ladies, it needs to be said: Someone should be there to help advocate for your care. It is quite possible that there may be a lot of confusion and activity around. BRING SOMEONE YOU TRUST WITH YOU TO THE DELIVERY ROOM!