America Needs a Centrist Party Now More Than Ever. Here’s How to Make It Happen.
W. W. Norton

Centrist thinking isn’t. Choosing the middle of the road every time shows that you really don’t know what you stand for or why you’re there.

I tend to side with right wing thinking. I can be swayed by a cogent argument, however. I think in terms of limited government, but I will concede that there are times when it is the best choice.

As such, I’m not a centrist. I prefer to deal with people who have ideas of what they would like to see and why it is philosophically reasonable. Those who dogmatically refuse to discuss compromises will get nowhere. Those who pointlessly argue about feelings and the like will get nowhere.

I think that’s as good as things get. We should have swings between left and right. We just got through an administration that swung about as hard left as any in living memory. Now we have a right wing administration that isn’t particularly conservative. He has already upset many apple-carts. I’m not sure he’ll do all that well and I have doubts that, even with party majorities in both the House and Senate, he will not get everything he is looking for.

That’s political life. We can only lobby and reason with current legislature and executives. If we make a third centrist party, negotiations will simply get harder and our government will actually do less than it ever has.

And that’s saying something.