America, It’s Time to Pick Sides And Stay Divided
Ezinne Ukoha

Do you really think a white woman who pretended to imitate a southern accent at all the right political rallies would be an improvement?

Every time I vote, I keep thinking that these candidates can’t possibly get any worse. And each time, I am disgusted to learn that I’m wrong.

These states were never united in the manner you seem to believe they were. They have always had politics where people sought common ground where they could form a majority. You seem to think there is some secret cabal of white people looking to keep the Black Wymen down. It’s not like that. It’s a matter of who was organized enough to get a seat at the table.

Instead of working your way in to the process to push the political process, you have excluded yourself from the table. But the politicians still have work to do. The can do it with you or without you. You just walked away mumbling obscenities.

In reality, you just fucked yourself. I pity you.

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