Free Folk Leader, could you name some sectors where the unemployed cashiers and drivers would get a…

Education is vastly oversold these days. I’m not saying it isn’t necessary, but you don’t have to have a fancy degree to do most jobs. It’s just that HR departments have a glut of well educated people to pick from, so they can be picky.

So you ask what an unemployed truck driver could do? Well, those automated trucks will break down here and there. Someone will have to go rescue those trucks before the food spoils. Someone else will have to consider the routes and road conditions before sending a truck on an automated trip.

Someone has to handle the new larger warehouses, and to handle the refrigeration systems that go with them.

Someone will have to negotiate contracts for all this food.

Someone will still have to advertise.

Someone will probably be needed to track certain legalities such as selling pot brownies interstate between states where they’re legal.

I think you get the picture.

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