The Only Thing Horrifying About The “Dash Cam” Is That It Needs To Be “Horrifying” Enough For Us To…
Ezinne Ukoha

I am disgusted as well, but for entirely different reasons.

Mr. Castile had a legal concealed carry permit. He was doing exactly what the law and good practice says you’re supposed to do when being stopped by a police officer.

He told the police officer he had a gun and then the officer freaked. As most police officers know, if someone informs you at a traffic stop that they’re carrying a gun, they are complying with the law and being helpful. If the driver had any ill will there would be no warning.

The arresting officer then completely lost his mind and gave conflicting orders which Mr. Castile tried to comply with, and then the worst outcome possible occurred. To me, this is GROSS incompetence at the very least. The police department itself should be sued for allowing someone with such poor training to patrol the street.

Because ownership of guns is a right, you will find gun owners from every walk of life. I meet them at public ranges regularly. Most practice more often than police officers. I believe that they are at least as proficient as the typical police officer, if not more so.

I don’t know of a single gun-rights advocacy group that isn’t disgusted and appalled with how this case went. Unfortunately, the dashcam video didn’t become public until AFTER the case was over. Had it been made public prior to the case, you’d have seen gun rights groups lining up to file “friend-of-the-court” briefs.

I agree with you. This was no “honest mistake.” In my opinion, Mr. Castile was murdered.

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