women have a right to hate men
Anthony James Williams

I was looking for a humor or parody tag. I really was. I got to the end and then I realized that you are actually serious.

Your essay is wrong. Misogyny by ignoramuses does not warrant deliberate Misandry. You do realize who loses in a situation like that, right? We all lose. Our civilization falls apart.

The way to fix misogyny is to educate. Insulting, assaulting, and hating those who weren’t raised to these historically revisionist ideas is no better than the behavior of the misogynist. As things stand now, there are men who are tired of this uber-feminist bullshit and have formed a group that has basically given up on humanity. They’re checking out of the circus and are going their own way.

The MGTOW crowd is a reactionary solution; but at least it doesn’t insult, berate, or assault others. They simply advocate opting out. Raise those children with someone else. These men are tired of carrying the weight, while nearly everyone around insults them for not doing it to their revisionist standards; treats them like they have all the personality and responsibility of an automated teller machine; and teaches children that Dad is a monster.

And then we sit and wonder why suicide rates for men are three times what they are for women. While MGTOW is an understandable reaction to this misandry, it is not a viable answer.

The point of a civilization is to raise the children who will care for us in our old age and survive us. My wife and I decided to go the traditional nuclear family route. Why? Because, even though it is not perfect, it works. If we were to dispense with the classic nuclear family model, something has to replace it. You have nothing to suggest but a war of the sexes. That’s not an answer.

The only thing I would wish upon those who think your essay has merit is to follow it and discover the lonely, pointless life it leads to. You deserve nothing less.

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