Stop Asking Dads When They’ll Have Another Kid
Chris Bourn

If there ever was a personal decision between a man and a woman, this is it.

I have three kids. I heard it all, from “Have you figured out why that happens yet?” to “At this point, why not have another?” and “You trying to compete with the Duggars?”

Most of it is just insensitive. However, it does reflect a larger concern of society that families who could have more children, usually don’t.

When I was growing up, it was routine to see families with four to six children, and not that uncommon to see more. These days, people look at parents of more than three children as if they’re side show freaks.

And then they sit and wonder why the population of most developed countries is either static or shrinking.

Ladies and gentlemen, just as it isn’t wrong to be childless, it also isn’t wrong to have more three or more children. It is a decision made by every married couple. Don’t be rude. Their children will be the people who care for you in your old age.

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