The Top 10 Most Gerrymandered States In America
Kaz Weida

In any state, if one party takes hold for too long, there will be entrenched corruption. It doesn’t matter if it is Republican, Democrat, Bull Moose, Communist, or whatever.

We need a competition of ideas and a competition of candidates to keep both sides on their toes. In Maryland, it happens to be the Democrats who have remained in control of the State House and Senate. Only recently have Republican governors been elected, and that is largely due the fact that the Democrat party, I suppose through sheer laziness, put up such awful candidates for the office that even many deep blue Democrats couldn’t hold their noses and vote for them.

The Republicans are hungry in Maryland, so they’re eager to do the pragmatic things that get a party elected. The Republican governor of Maryland probably wouldn’t pass many GOP litmus tests, but he is getting things done across the isle, so he’s pulling the state back from a deep blue to a slightly more centrist position.

I’m sure the reverse is true in other states.