It’s Time to Trash Body Positivity

In numerous statistical studies, good looking men and good looking women were give many more opportunities than those who didn’t make the grade.

Does that mean ladies need to be bombshell models? Nope. It means they need to spend the effort to develop a style and a substance that articulates who they are. It is no different for men. Unconsciously they dress in a uniform that identifies them right away.

In any case, when the door opens up and the person walks in, they can go from good-looking to ugly in the time it takes them to say something. I have literally watched a well dressed man who looked like he walked right off the pages of GQ turn ugly in just two sentences. I have also seen old faces, no longer pretty, radiating warmth and wisdom.

Thus the whole body positivity thing, while important, is more a matter of learning to dress nicely in a manner that corresponds with who you want to be, than anything else. Everything, from your weight, skin, hair, shape, etc. is secondary.

And remember, you have to match your image with your reality, or your opportunities won’t last long.

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