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Looking back at each generation, the number of ancestors goes up exponentially. So you’re looking at five generations back. Even if the children are completely responsible for the misdeeds of the ancestors, your culpability is one or two 32nds of the cost.

Philosophically, I disagree that such responsibility exists. A child is not responsible for the deeds of the parent, or ancestor. It might be said that cultures or nations can be held collectively responsible, but I don’t believe it goes any further than that.

At some point, the victimhood is diluted enough that the progeny should not deserve special dispensation. While it is true that the victims themselves and perhaps the generation after them may have difficulties; after that, one must ask the question of where this ends.

All that said, your exploration of the history is a good thing. It is good to explore old wounds and to learn from them so that we can teach others not to do these things. It is my thinking that if you do bear any responsibility for the deeds of your great great great grandparents, you have met it by educating everyone on what they did. For this generation at least, people will know and hopefully not perpetrate such evil. In doing that, your debt will have been repaid.

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