You make a good point about repairmen.
Marc Brown

Machines are limited by their sensors and their limited experience. I am an engineer who designs automation systems so that humans don’t have to do things. I know the limits of automation with experience and understanding that not many have.

The bottom line is that although machine learning is getting pretty good, it can still take you in to weird places. For example, consider the recent effort to replace the humans who name paint colors.

Human intuition regarding unusual failure modes is still very hard to model.

Granted, the need to repair older equipment will be less when automated plumbing bots can replace everything with printed stuff. But if you keep replacing the same printed part time after time, it will take significant intelligence to figure out why. We are nowhere near that today. We may get automated driving systems in our cars and trucks, but thinking on your feet to fix a premature wear and tear problem is not trivial.

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