Stop changing the subject.
Dean Davis

Marketplace told him to blog, thinking that he knew what they expected. No, they didn’t give him explicit instructions. They probably didn’t think they had to. If you were to argue that was their fault, I would disagree, though I think you have a valid point of further discussion. They were probably looking for backstory information, how he gathered the data, funny stuff encountered along the way, that sort of thing.

They weren’t expecting someone to come forward admitting that he wasn’t sure how to be objective any more.

Let’s get one thing straight: We expect scientists to state an hypothesis, design an experiment, and discuss whether that experiment confirms or denies the hypothesis. That’s as philosophical as they get. Similar expectations exist for Journalists. They can state a belief, show what they found in the field, and then state whether they thought that philosophy is still relevant to them and why.

They were not expecting some post-modernist loosey goosey treatment of what objectivity is. Sorry. If that’s what he thinks, he’s in the wrong profession. He should go write fiction for a living.

At the end of the day, he can express belief in Marxist ideas for all I care, but he has to be honest and objective. Likewise for a total Laissez-faire capitalist.

One of the defining traits of Journalism regards objectivity. The moment he walked away from that, he is no longer a journalist by definition. Would you trust an accountant who doesn’t believe accounts should total up? Would you trust a mechanic who doesn’t care if there are unexplained parts left over after a repair? Would you trust a physicist who doesn’t care about controlled experiments? So why would you trust Wallace after he admits that objectivity isn’t something he really cares about (literally the title of his blog)?

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