If your goal is to alienate everybody who could possibly change this sad state of affairs by virtue…
Adam Wieneiski

Mr. Castile’s death was a result of egregiously poor police training. Castile had a legal concealed carry permit and he did exactly what the law requires. The police officer, however, was not prepared to deal with the situation well.

That said, was it racism? I can’t tell from the dash-camera video. I’m not sure how BLM came to that conclusion. It was incredibly bad police work, a confusing situation, and more stress than most of you armchair critics will ever know.

But that’s what we pay police officers to do.

Whether a murder charge was appropriate here instead of manslaughter is an issue to take up with the prosecuting attorney. The Freddie Gray case in Baltimore was a similar situation.

I wish BLM would please morph in to something more productive and useful. I have not seen any situation or place that they have touched that was improved because they were there.

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