It’s not you, it’s us. (And the election.)
Prodigal Sun

Oh good grief. You act as if rural living is lily white and that nothing less than total Norman Rockwell lifestyle will do.

I did the same thing 20 years ago. I was in my early 30s and I met someone who lived in what used to be nothing but farm-land. We moved out here and started a family. Here’s what I discovered:

SURPRISE! We have diversity here too. We’re very accepting of alternative everything. We just don’t wear it on our sleeves or go out-of our way to be more “diverse.”

You might also discover that it is easier to raise children out here. You don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors reporting you to child protective services just for spanking your kid.

City infrastructure, if it exists at all, is usually simpler and easier to care for. There are fewer infrastructure problems in smaller towns. And surprisingly, those people you were taught to avoid, those Republicans, are not so evil or unreasonable after all.

You’ll discover that people own guns, and it’s no big deal. If you want your kids to learn to use them safely, you can join a local 4-H shooting sports club. You’ll find every walk of life there. You’ll also discover that those firearms are very useful for keeping the deer, groundhog, coyote, or feral pig population in check.

You will discover that the schools can be pretty good. That you can settle down and be yourself without having to worry about what your neighbors think of you. When living shoulder to shoulder with total strangers, you tend to conform and ignore everyone around you. When living in a small town, you get to know most of the people around you and you don’t mind spending the mental effort to say hello to them every morning.

And after living here for a few years, you will realized that you have changed and you probably won’t want to go back.

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