In Defense of Punching Cops
The DiDi Delgado

Please help this white middle class heternormative father of three understand what you are saying.

What do you expect from the police? Have you talked to a few police officers to figure out why they do what they do, and why they’re trained the way they are? What do you expect of them?

If you don’t like the entire profession and practice, then there is an alternative: You don’t have to have a police force. Propose to do away with the police force to your city council. Doing away with police services would lower your taxes. And if you feel the need for self protection, you can use your tax break to purchase many defensive weapons ranging from a taser, pepper spray, or a firearm.

Of course it might also lower property values and tax bases even further. I think it very likely that there would be an exodus of businesses from the area. But I could be wrong about all of that. Perhaps you do know exactly what you’re doing and I’m just clueless.

Finally, please take the time to understand exactly what Dana Lash said. You even posted her video on your blog, so presumably you did watch it at least once. I’d hate to see you advocate something self destructive only because your comprehension of the views of others is so horribly wrong.

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