‘Saving the country from Donald Trump isn’t enough of a message’
Jill Abramson

Remember how Republicans lost the house when Obama was elected the first time around? They campaigned on being the un-Democrats; that they wouldn’t do the things that Democrats do, whatever it is that Democrats do.

Not surprisingly, they lost big time. You can’t build a successful, sustainable campaign based upon not doing what someone else is promising. The Democrat Party was proposing sweeping changes to health care. The Republicans knew that the existing healthcare situation wasn’t sustainable, but didn’t articulate a clear alternative.

This situation is reversed today with Hillary. Why does Trump resonate with so many? It sure isn’t his personality, or his background. No, Trump is articulating things he wants to change. Hillary is campaigning on more of the same, but she can’t quite articulate what she WILL do.

Many are amazed that Trump’s campaign has gone as far as it has. Even as toxic as he is (and Hillary is hardly an angel herself), Trump has ideas, and Hillary doesn’t. Even if the ideas are utterly toxic, people will vote for those with a plan over those who don’t.

Oh, and Healthcare? Many predicted what Gruber later bragged about. It was a bad idea from the start, but that didn’t stop people from voting for it. They were desperate for a change, and without some alternate proposal, it happened, even though it was not what most people thought they were getting.

Campaign on positive changes. Don’t act as if you’re the UN-Republican. It didn’t work for the GOP and it won’t work for Hillary Clinton.

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