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Supposed Ms. Sarsour were a Christian and had instead declared a crusade against Obama. I suspect you’d be all over her for threatening the president.

Mind you, the last of the deadly Crusades ended centuries ago. It has not been cited as a cause for violence since that time. However, many evoke their understanding of the religion of Islam to conduct Jihad against everyone who isn’t exactly the same kind of Muslim as they are.

The word Jihad is a loaded term. Furthermore, it is painfully obvious to anyone who reads the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sunnah that Mohammad was a warlord and spoke frequently in the context of holy war. His view of disrespect is of someone who would not submit to his will.

Islam is almost entirely fundamentalist. The only reformations it has had are toward other fundamentalist views of the religion. There is no “interpretive” view of these books. Contradictions are dismissed based upon which narrative came last. It is still largely fundamentalist.

So while Ms. Sarsour is speaking in comparatively peaceful tones to those who are willing to apologize for the incredibly backward and uncivilized behavior sanctioned by Imams and Ayatollahs world wide; her words mean very different things to many other Muslims. It is as if she were speaking in two languages at once.

The word “Jihad” isn’t just as loaded as the word Crusade. It’s worse.

Go ahead. I dare you to read a copy of the Quran and the Hadith. It won’t cost you a thing. It’s online. I’ve already read it and much of the other texts as well.

And yet you dismiss people like me as ignorant. If you haven’t studied these books, you really have got no standing to tell me what is and isn’t true about Islam.

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