We Know Exactly Who Strong Arms the Free Press
Dave Pell

The event with the media moguls and Donald Trump probably wasn’t what they reported. Big surprise there. They report the salacious details instead of the whole story.

I think that what Trump probably meant to do was an attempt to set down standards for how they were going to choose white house correspondents. It’s not unreasonable, given the clear and obvious indication of bias that so many media organizations exhibited on the WikiLeaks e-mail dumps. Incidentally, this is no different than what Barak Obama’s administration has done. Certain reporters had their white house credentials yanked for reporting stories in an unfavorable light.

You want to know why Trump was elected? It’s because of the morally and ethically corrupt “news” organizations were severely slanted toward Hillary Clinton. People KNEW they were being lied to by those who postured and preened as if they were impartial. Even though the evidence is right there for all to download and read for themselves, few main-stream media are brave enough to report it. Why? Because there is no way that anyone would come away from a report like that looking clean.

Trump isn’t killing the media. They have been poisoning themselves by believing their own propaganda. It formed an echo chamber that you practically have to leave the country to be able to see. It has been going on for years. Blame Trump all you like. Those big media companies were doomed regardless of who would have won this election.