You Can Legitimately Blame Your Parents for Everything That’s Wrong With You
Martin Robinson

There is nurture and there is nature in all of us parents. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad stuff. I learned to study hard from my parents. I also discovered their limitations and I overcame a few of them myself.

The thing is, they teach us not only by how they love, but on what they clearly do not do well. My father was always a cheapskate with his tools. I made sure to have decent tools for what I did. My father barely knew what went on inside a car.

Some of these things I tried to convey to my kids, and they don’t seem to understand it. But then my father tried to convey many things to me and I didn’t get it either.

So blaming parents for your own neuroses is a bit of a cop out. They did perpetrate some of them. But other things, well, maybe you just weren’t paying attention…

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