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She Said Notes

To me it means equal opportunity. That’s not quite the same thing as equality. I disagree with the notion that men and women are equal. Men tend to have more upper body strength than women, and women tend to have better small motor skills than men. Nevertheless, I don’t want opportunities to be refused to my daughters just because they’re women.

So if the job is physically demanding, I don’t expect anyone to make exceptions just because they’re female. If the job requires someone to be physically fit enough to climb a 50 foot telephone pole, then she’d better be able to climb that 50 foot telephone pole.

I expect a working environment to friendly, respectful, and free of harassment. But if she screws up, I don’t want her to be able to avoid the repercussions that ought to be coming her way just because of her sex.

I want equal pay for equal work. I don’t expect male school teachers to be paid any more or less than female teachers for similar amounts of experience. I don’t expect female engineers to be paid any differently than male engineers for similar experience. Likewise, male nurses shouldn’t make any more than female nurses with similar experience.

That’s what I mean by feminism.

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