Is the U.S. Air Force Ready for a New Light Attack Aircraft?
War Is Boring

When you put a committee in charge of a design, that design ends up looking like a platypus. It is an amalgamation of all sorts of interesting things, but it doesn’t seem to do any of them well. The idea of building an aircraft that does one thing well is terrifying to them. Why? Because it is easier to see whether the design is a success or whether it is a failure. If it’s a platypus design, you may not be able to declare it a total success, but neither is it a total failure.

Yet the most lasting designs, such as the A-10, the B-52, the C-130, the U2 and the like were designed with one thing in mind. And they’re very good at it. So good that they’re damned hard to replace. Yes, they can be upgraded, but the form follows function. Nobody in their right minds can put an end to these designs.

We have got to get the gutless idiots out of these committees and teach the military and industry to build timeless designs again. We have lost our way.

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