What assumptions? I presented them as I found them.
Andy Bodle

You are the one attempting to make the case. The existence of “dumb-fuck reasons,” as you put it, does not invalidate the actual case against the EU membership. The formal reason is that the EU is governed by bureaucracy that is beholden to almost no-one. The UK had very little say in how that bureaucracy was run. It may be benign for now, but that much power concentrated in such a small community is extremely dangerous and ripe for abuse.

Your essay portrayed these “dumb-fuck reasons” based upon things you’ve heard and seen people say in passing. You then imply and misrepresent these “reasons” as the formal reason why BREXIT happened.

In any case, the vote is over. BREXIT won. Now you’re just insulting those who voted for it, instead of trying to figure out how to make the best of this situation. Was there an outcome you were looking for from your rant? Or are you just ranting because you want to feel smug?

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